09 Jan

For decades double glazing has been the standard for improving the energy-efficiency and warmth of homes. Today triple glazing is becoming increasingly popular and may be something you are considering as an option.

To help you decide, here are a few of the main benefits that triple-glazed windows bring to the table, as well as an explanation of how it works.

Understanding the Basics

As the name suggests, with a triple-glazed windows you get three layers of glass sandwiched together.

The central pane is separated from its external counterparts by a cavity into which argon has been pumped, creating a higher level of insulation than would otherwise be achievable.

Appreciating the Savings

Swapping to triple glazing from outdated single-glazed windows could net you significant savings worth over £100 a year.

Over time this reduction in energy bills will mean that the cost of installing the windows in the first place will be recouped.

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Harness the Durability

Another reason to swap to triple-glazed windows is that they are far more hardwearing than archaic wooden-framed equivalents that may be present on older properties.

The UPVC frames will not suffer the effects of harsh weather conditions and will stay looking their best for decades.

This material is also versatile from an aesthetic standpoint and can be adapted to many different styles, colours and pane configurations. Whatever windows you are looking to fill, there should be a triple-glazed solution that is right for you.

Get More Glass Choice

You may not realise it, but with triple glazing you can select from a range of different glass types to suit your tastes and requirements.

Low iron glass is often selected for this type of assembly, as it will allow more light through and will not tint the natural rays that filter through, creating a more naturalistic look.

You can specify other types of glass, such as low e-glass which is covered by a thin coating designed to stop heat escaping your house by reflecting the unseen UV rays that are emitted by your heating system.

Triple glazing and double glazing are both superior to single glazing in every way, and there is no excuse for not upgrading.