04 Mar

“Ergonomics is not a product but a process,” writes the Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety. The centre continues that the most expensive is not always best, and that “effort and preparation” are key to getting the most from a decision to make new workplace purchases.

No one understands the needs and preferences of workers better than their immediate supervisors and their managers. Analyzing these needs is said to be “crucial” to matching available solutions with the requirements of employees, no matter what their tasks.

Ergonomic Solutions: Simple Or Custom

Commercial office furniture in Minneapolis MN, and other locations throughout North America, is available from a number of sources, including walk-in retail providers like Staples, online retailers like Amazon, and a number of mid-sized providers who are able to visit your business and make recommendations, as well as offer an inventory of furniture to fulfill just about every need. Some office furniture suppliers are able to offer custom solutions, as well.

Founder’s Guide states that there are six key factors to consider when planning an office furniture purchase: cost, function, user and business needs, looks and suitability, and size in relation to available space.

Consider The Employee

Before ordering chairs, desks, and other workplace needs, managers and owners should know the gender, height, weight, and dominant hand of each employee. Other considerations that need to be considered include the type of work to be performed. The needs of an employee whose job consists entirely of typing are different than the needs of an employee who only spends 25 percent of their time typing. A properly designed workspace can greatly reduce the chance of an employee succumbing to wrist or arm injuries.

All duties should be incorporated into thinking when making an investment in furnishings. Some employees may use several devices, such as tablets and mobile phones; solutions are available to incorporate tasks incorporating a range of platforms into every workplace. Filing, speaking on the telephone, and writing are examples of other tasks that may need to be considered when designing a workplace solution.

Previously Owned Offers Savings For Some Businesses

Founders recommends checking with used furniture retailers before committing to purchasing new desks and chairs. Some businesses will choose to purchase all-new furniture for aesthetic or prestige reasons, which is fine. The business needs of a start-up community newspaper are not the same as a Wall Street investment banker: whether customers will be present in the home of the new furnishings needs to be considered in a frank manner.

The Canadian centre reports that the manufacturers of some office chairs recommend a regular maintenance schedule, as well as regularly maintaining all workplaces chairs. Regular maintenance includes checking to see if screws, bolts, and other fasteners have come loose, and securing them if they have. Cylinders that support employees’ weight can seize, fail, or otherwise lose their ability to support weight. Falls and repeated-stress injuries related to improperly maintained or broken workplace chairs are completely avoidable.