17 May

Going for a trip in vacations is always a matter of great pleasure. You have a million things to do before going for a trip.So here is our list of things people often forget to do before going for a long vacation.

Pay off your bills before passing the deadline. You need to be careful to pay all your bills just before going a trip. You won’t be happy to pay any extra bill, right?

Check your wallet and remove items you don’t need for your trip.Take foreign  currency, extra credit cards, or reward cards with you. Besides, you need to have some financial backup for uncertain conditions.

You need to make copies of important items.  Be sure about the copies of your passport and credit cards with you in case you lose them on your trip. Always keep paper copies or scanned copies in your email or whatever you’re comfortable with.

Check your working calender to see what commitments you have made while you are gone. Make a new schedule for them before you leave. Check your appointments and cancel or postpone them.

Make sure that your valuable properties are safe while you’re gone. You can go for storage units near you for keeping them safe.

You need to call your bank letting your bank or credit card provider know that you’re going to be out of town so they should expect to see some international charges.

Unplug and switch off all of your electric connections. Remember to turn everything off or just unplug them, to conserve energy and money and also avoid risks of any accident.

You have to create an automated email response.Remember to create an automated email response or a personalized voicemail to let people know you are in a vacation and you’ll contact with them later.

Make a checklist. It should be  of things to bring with you. Include things like money, prescriptions, itinerary, confirmation numbers, emergency contact numbers, gadgets, tickets and passports. You can also pick up reading material like magazines and snacks.But be careful about you budget.

Clean out your trash canes and fridge.Clean them for avoiding a nasty surprise when you get back. Take out your trash as well so your apartment will smell fresh. And most importantly wash your sheets and cloths before going.

Get proper researched about your place for your trip. Make a proper budget before going so that there won’t be any shortage of money. Make your bookings at the correct time before going. And following these, now just enjoy your vacation.