01 Jun

The dining tables are among the most used furniture in the house. It applies mostly when there are visitors in the house and hence they should impact making. Extra oomph can be added to the household by using a marble dining table. They are classy and extremely stylish.

Marble tables come either as simple, minimal, old-fashioned or contemporary and can be paired with wood, glass, steel or iron. Marble dining table and chairs can be ordered in sets of four, six or eight sitter dining sets.

Design ideas

  • When combined with white chairs, white marble dining table can be a good design. If the table has an oval cut then the design is better.
  • A black dining table whereby both the top and the base is black marble is magnificent modern design especially if combined with statement-making chairs.
  • A royal look can be achieved by adding a convolutedly fashioned white marble base.
  • Alternatively, the royal look can be achieved by using a table with a golden carved base and an oriental black marble top.
  • A voguish and alluring table with a white marble top and a rose gold base combined with velvet chairs is a one of a kind design.
  • White marble top with Dark Emperador sides combined with hollow wooden base is a classic dining table. The chairs are partially covered in similar material as the base.
  • A dining table with white marble tiles can be made grayer by using gray tables paired with plank chairs in gray fabric.


      The cost of these marble dining table and chairs is pocket friendly and affordable to any willing buyer. The cost depends on the marble color and quality and the combined materials such as wood metal or leather.

Pros of using marble top table

  1. They are stylish and innovative therefore are good looking
  2. They come in various colors and shades.
  3. Marble is a heavy stone making the table sturdy therefore cannot shift easily
  4. The material used is durable if taken care of well.
  5. When damaged, a professional can replace the top successfully.
  6. The unique patterns as marble tables are made from natural stones with unique veining intensity and patterns.
  7. When drenched with high polish dosage, they give a bedazzling shine. The more the polish applied, the more the glimmer.

Cons of using marble top table

  1. It needs careful and regular maintenance and cleaning.
  2. Anything placed on the table leaves a ring hence requires use of coasters.
  3. Marble can etch and scratch easily and sealing does not solve it.
  4. It requires annual sealing to maintain its new look

 Tips for purchasing Marble dining table and chairs

  1. A proper research on the type of marble dining table needed should be done before purchasing. This will save on time and money.
  2. Marble requires a lot of maintenance therefore vigilance and dedication is needed
  3. Good quality coasters should be purchased from furniture stores and used whenever tea or coffee mugs, chilled juice or soda is placed on the table.
  4. The cleaning products should be specifically for the use on marble surface. Using highly acidic, low quality or cheap alternatives will cause etching and dull the shine of the marble table.
  5. Wax on white marble causes discolorations and the table might turn to yellow eventually.

An elegant marble dining tables and chairs, despite the maintenance cost, can be a centerpiece of the dining room. Its durability guarantees no replacement of the set.