01 Jul

You can argue that there is always some work around the house, whether your lawn needs mowing, maybe you need to repaint your fence or do some repairs you’ve been postponing for months, there is always something to tinker.

You’ve already made a list of priorities in your head and my guess is that garage door opener is not at the top. There is just always something more important to fix so garage doors that you use every day can wait, and you probably can’t remember when was the last time you got it serviced.

If you start noticing that your garage door opener is not working properly; it started making strange noises, it’s taking a long time to close or open, or the worst case scenario you can’t even get it to work, then this is the moment to rearrange your list and consider repairing it, or even better, getting a new one.

Safety of your home

First and foremost safety is always the highest priority, no argue about that. There is nothing more important than protecting your family and your house from outer elements and intruders.

Since garage grants direct access to your house, having an old or faulty, easy to manipulate garage opener makes it that simpler for people to break in and steal your precious belongings.

A garage door opener you can rely on and put 100% trust in is your first and last line of defense between your home and the rest of the world.

It’s worth noting that older models of openers, especially those that use remote control, might also run on older software which makes them much easier to hack and manipulate.

Modern technologies allow you to personalize your security measures via smartphone, and add another layer of safety. None of these methods will always be absolutely secure, but they sure are more reliable than your aged, worn out, untrustworthy model.

Increased house value and better insurance rates.

This is one aspect you should consider if you maybe decide to sell. Faulty garage doors and a noisy opener are something that is easily spotted when a potential buyer comes in.

Garage doors are at the front of your presentation, and if that leaves a bad impression that the value of the whole property might sink. Appearances do matter, and if a buyer sees some old and beaten garage doors, they won’t even bother to inspect the rest of the house because they were disappointed in the get-go.

Insurance companies always like to reward you with better rates on your policy if you choose to invest in new equipment to increase security and safety. Getting new doors or a garage opener will surely save you money in the long run.

Energy efficiency and insulation.

Whether you care about energy efficiency or not, older models do tend to spend more resources to function properly and they probably weren’t even made for economical use in the first place. Newer models, however, were designed with the idea of energy-efficiency in mind, to save you money and be ecologically friendly.

Another important aspect of energy efficiency is insulation. Older doors might not close properly and thus allow heat to escape from your house to the garage and then outside. A well insulated garage not only keeps the warm air inside, but it also protects from outer elements like rain or snow.

Noise reduction

A loud and sharp noise is a sign that something is wrong with your garage door opener. That doesn’t mean that it’s not working and you still have enough room to ignore its slow degradation and just use it that way, but something needs to be done.

The noise it makes while operating does not mean that it’s completely broken beyond use, it still fulfills its purpose in a way, but you should definitely consider getting a new one, if nothing, to avoid loud noises which might be a nuisance not just to your family, but to the entire neighborhood. Don’t be that guy and be mindful to others, everyone including yourself will appreciate a new garage door opener.

Sound isolation is also important to people inside the house to keep the outside noise away. A new garage opener which could seal the doors nice and tight will surely be able to give you all that.