11 Jan

Not a lot of people would consider tipping those who help the move, but given the type of work that they do, it only makes sense. To give the men who carry your heavy furniture, doing very physical work and giving them something extra is simply the nice way to do it. Moreover, they are tasked with handling all your stuff, packing and unpacking them, and making sure nothing gets broken or lost.

The reality is, if your waitress drops the glass, there will be dozens more to replace it. But if a mover accidentally drops your grandmother’s prized plates, you will never be able to turn back time to buy a few more of it. Your moving company has a huge responsibility to protect your stuff, which is why they exert much more effort making sure they protect your heirlooms the way you would.

How Much Should You Tip?

Even if you come from a country where tipping is not mandatory or very widespread, you should seriously consider handing them a few bucks. After all, they are doing the hard work you cannot or do not want to do. Tipping is a great way to show your appreciation for their very backbreaking job.

Movers are not normally recipients of tips from their clients, but like in a restaurant, if you are very happy with their service and their work, you can express this through tipping a bit more generously than normal. Even if your moving fees seem to already be quite hefty, only a very small percentage of this amount may reach the hands of your movers. Tipping them directly assures you that your tip gets to the right person as well.

There is no set amount of money you should give your moving crew; it all depends on a few factors. First is their service. Unsatisfactory service can be a normal and acceptable reason to reduce your tips. Second is the complexity of the work. When you know you have a lot of large and heavy furniture, you know they worked extremely hard and deserve a good tip. If they also have to work longer hours than normal (8 hours), you can also reward them with the tip.

Alternatives to Tipping

Some people are uncomfortable with tipping or simply prefer to show their appreciation a different way. If you are the same, you can consider doing other things for your mover.

1-Free Drinks

If you are moving to hot locations or simply during summer, providing free cold drinks is also another way to keep your movers happy.

Just make sure you do skip giving your movers some alcohol, as they still have duties to fulfill after finishing your move. Some moving companies might also have strict rules against this.

2-Free Lunch

Another good idea is to feed your movers to make sure they have enough energy for all that heavy lifting. However, it is good to ask the crew first before ordering because some people bring their own food or have food sensitivities.

Tipping your moving company is very important in making the crew feel that their hard work is not ignored. With every box and every pound they carry, they earn every single cent coming from their appreciative clients.